How to Use Google Trends to Improve SEO and Grow Your Business?

How to Use Google Trends to Improve SEO and Grow Your Business?

For any e-commerce entrepreneur, understanding market trends and making informed decisions is paramount. With tools like Google Trends, it becomes effortless to navigate the ever-changing landscape of consumer preferences. In this guide, we'll delve into how to effectively utilize Google Trends to optimize your Shopify store and enhance your marketing strategy.

Why Google Trends is Essential for Shopify Owners

  • Insight into Consumer Behavior: Google Trends provides data on search patterns, enabling Shopify store owners to understand what products or niches are gaining traction and which ones are fading.

  • Seasonal Product Planning: By monitoring search trends throughout the year, store owners can identify peak demand periods for specific products, helping in inventory management and marketing campaigns.

  • Competitor Analysis: By studying search trends, Shopify entrepreneurs can gauge the popularity of competitors' products and strategize accordingly.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Google Trends for Shopify

1. Setting Up Your Google Trends Account

Just like other Google services, access Google Trends with your Google account. If you don’t have one, creating an account is straightforward.

2. Entering Relevant Search Terms

In the search bar, type keywords relevant to your Shopify store products. For instance, if you sell eco-friendly products, type "eco-friendly products" to gauge its current trend.

3. Filtering Results

Google Trends allows you to narrow down results by:

  • Region: Focus on specific countries or worldwide.
  • Time Period: Analyze search trends over different periods - past hour, 4 hours, day, week, and so on.
  • Categories: For example, choose 'Shopping' if you’re focusing on e-commerce.
  • Search Type: Includes web searches, image searches, news searches, etc.

4. Analyzing the Data

  • Interest Over Time: A graph showcasing the search term's popularity over your chosen period.
  • Related Topics & Queries: Discover associated topics or queries that people are searching for.

5. Comparing Multiple Keywords

For a more holistic view, compare up to five keywords to understand their relative popularity. This comparison can help in product diversification.

Applying Google Trends Data to Your Shopify Store

1. Product Selection and Diversification

If a particular product is trending upwards, consider adding it to your Shopify store. If a product’s trend is declining, ponder over diversifying or promoting it differently.

2. Enhanced Marketing Strategy

Tailor your marketing campaigns based on trending products. For example, if "vegan leather bags" are trending, craft your marketing messages highlighting them.

3. SEO Optimization

Update your Shopify store's product descriptions, titles, and meta descriptions using trending keywords, enhancing your store's visibility on search engines.

4. Content Creation

Google Trends can inspire blog topics or content themes. If people are searching for "benefits of eco-friendly products", consider creating a detailed blog post or video on the subject.

Benefits of Integrating Google Trends Data with Shopify

  • Proactive Decision Making: Instead of reactive measures, be ahead of market shifts and customer preferences.
  • Higher ROI on Marketing: Tailored marketing campaigns based on trends ensure better engagement and conversion rates.
  • Enhanced Store Visibility: SEO optimization based on trending terms can significantly boost organic traffic to your Shopify store.


In today's digital age, having real-time data on market trends is a game-changer. For Shopify store owners, Google Trends stands as an invaluable tool, offering insights into consumer behavior, helping in strategic planning, and ultimately driving store success. By integrating Google Trends data into your Shopify operations, you're not just staying updated with market shifts but capitalizing on them. As e-commerce continues to evolve, leveraging tools like Google Trends will ensure your Shopify store remains ahead of the curve.

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