10 Best Product Research Tools for Dropshipping

10 Best Product Research Tools for Dropshipping

Trying to find the right product for your dropshipping store? Learn the 10 best product research tools and Shopify's offer from Akemilab!

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A robust tool designed to identify trending products across various online platforms, with a focus on analyzing social media trends and e-commerce behaviors. This is the best product research tool if you wanna use information from AdSpy.

  • Mines's strength lies in its ability to analyze social media trends and e-commerce behaviors, providing data-driven insights into trending products.
  • Its robust analytics help identify products with the potential for high demand, making it an indispensable tool for strategic product selection.

Trend Rocket

Offers innovative market analysis and trend prediction to help users identify and capitalize on emerging market trends. 

  • Trend Rocket's unique selling point is its ability to predict upcoming market trends.
  • This forward-thinking approach is particularly useful for dropshippers looking to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving market.
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Provides a comprehensive product library with real-time data analytics, facilitating the filtering and sorting of products to find profitable items. 

  • AliShark's comprehensive product library, combined with real-time data tracking, enables informed decisions based on current market trends.
  • Its filtering and sorting capabilities streamline the process of finding products with the highest potential for success.

Dropship Spy

Offers detailed product insights, including social proof ad data and sales history, along with additional services like video ad creation and influencer marketing insights. 

  • Dropship Spy excels in providing in-depth product insights, including valuable social proof and ad data.
  • Its services extend to creating engaging video ads and identifying key influencers, crucial in today's digital marketing landscape.
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A free Chrome extension that provides insights into product sales statistics and activities on AliExpress, ideal for competitor research and streamlined product searches. 

  • Asify is a cost-effective solution for detailed market research on AliExpress.
  • It offers significant capabilities in product sales statistics and activity tracking, making it a go-to tool for in-depth market research.

Niche Scraper

Equipped with a product scraper, store analysis tools, and a video maker, it helps discover trending products across platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and AliExpress. 

  • Niche Scraper's array of tools is designed to uncover hidden gems in the market.
  • Its ability to filter and sort products based on various criteria helps users find products that align with their store's niche.
Dropshipping Software | Sell The Trend

Sell The Trend

Utilizes AI for product discovery, offering detailed product data and market insights, along with tools like video ad creators and audience builders. 

  • Sell The Trend's AI-driven approach sets it apart, offering a high-tech solution to product discovery.
  • Its Nexus feature provides detailed analytics, while its video ad creator and audience builder tools support advanced marketing strategies.
Ecomhunt - Find Winning Products To Sell On Your Online Store!


Manually curates winning products daily, providing features such as analytics, ad ideas, and social media engagement strategies. 

  • Ecomhunt's daily addition of winning products ensures users are always up-to-date with the latest market trends.
  • Its focus on manual curation guarantees a high quality of product selection, making it a reliable source for finding profitable products.
SaleSource - Analytics Tools & Resources To Grow Your Ecommerce Business


Assists in finding top-rated suppliers and profitable products, integrating seamlessly with Shopify and offering competitor data and daily trending item insights. 

  • SaleSource's all-encompassing approach offers a holistic solution for both product research and market analysis.
  • Its integration with Shopify and comprehensive competitor data make it an invaluable tool for dropshippers.


Provides detailed reports and insights on products from platforms like AliExpress and Facebook, focusing on high-converting and trending products. 

  • Pexda distinguishes itself with thorough reports and frequent updates on winning products.
  • Its focus on high-converting items and up-to-date market trends makes it a key resource for informed product selection.

In addition to these product research tools, Shopify stands out as the preferred e-commerce platform for dropshipping due to its user-friendly interface, customization options, and powerful tools. New users can take advantage of a special offer, paying only $1 per month, making it accessible for those starting in the e-commerce industry.

Shopify $1/month Special Offer

These tools and the Shopify platform collectively provide valuable resources for dropshippers to identify profitable products, stay ahead of market trends, and build successful e-commerce businesses with minimal initial investment.

Maximizing Success in Dropshipping with the Right Tools

The e-commerce landscape is constantly evolving, and staying ahead in the dropshipping game requires not just intuition but also data-driven strategies. The tools discussed in this article, from Minea to Pexda, offer a range of functionalities designed to streamline the product research process, making it easier for dropshippers to identify products that will resonate with their target market.

Minea and Trend Rocket provide advanced insights into social media trends and market predictions, respectively, allowing users to anticipate market needs. AliShark, Dropship Spy, and Asify offer comprehensive data analytics and product tracking, enabling users to make informed decisions based on real-time market trends. Niche Scraper, Sell The Trend, and Ecomhunt go a step further by incorporating AI-driven analytics and manual curation to offer a list of potential winning products. SaleSource and Pexda round out the list with their holistic approach to product research and competitor analysis.

In addition to these powerful tools, the role of a robust e-commerce platform cannot be overstated. Shopify stands out as the ideal platform for dropshippers, offering user-friendly features, scalability, and a host of tools to support online business growth. With their current special offer of $1/month for new users,

Shopify presents an unbeatable opportunity for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs in the e-commerce space. Shopify $1/month Special Offer.

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