Abandoned Cart Recovery on Shopify with SMS

Abandoned Cart Recovery on Shopify with SMS

In dropshipping, abandoned shopping carts are the nemesis of online store owners. Shoppers load up their carts with products, but for some reason, they leave without completing the purchase. Fortunately, Shopify, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, offers solutions to address this issue. In this article, we will explore how you can recover abandoned carts and boost sales on your Shopify store.

Does Shopify Have Abandoned Cart Recovery?

The good news is that Shopify comes equipped with built-in abandoned cart recovery features. These features allow you to automatically send reminder emails to customers who have left products in their carts. While this is a valuable tool, it does have some limitations.

The Limitations of Shopify's Default System

Shopify's default abandoned cart recovery system may not be as effective in capturing every potential sale. It relies solely on email reminders, which may go unnoticed or end up in spam folders. To enhance your cart recovery efforts, consider other strategies in addition to the default Shopify system.

How to Recover an Abandoned Cart on Shopify

To increase the chances of recovering abandoned carts on your Shopify store, you can implement several strategies:

abandoned cart recovery shopify

1. Email Reminders

Continue using Shopify's built-in email reminders, but personalize the content and timing for each message. Include images of the abandoned products, a clear call to action, and perhaps a limited-time discount.

2. Abandoned Cart SMS Marketing

One of the most effective ways to recover abandoned carts is through SMS marketing. Shopify store owners can leverage TxtCart, an SMS marketing and abandoned cart recovery platform. TxtCart employs automated and human-powered SMS messages to re-engage shoppers who have abandoned their carts.

abandoned cart recovery shopify

Can You Resend Abandoned Cart Text in Shopify Using TxtCart?

TxtCart is a powerful SMS marketing and abandoned cart recovery platform designed specifically for Shopify merchants. Here's how it works:

abandoned cart recovery shopify

Automated SMS Messages

TxtCart's automated messages are triggered based on specific events, such as when a shopper adds items to their cart but doesn't complete the purchase. These messages typically include a reminder about the items in the cart, a discount code, and a link to return to the checkout page.

Human-Powered SMS Conversations

abandoned cart recovery shopify

TxtCart also offers human-powered SMS conversations, available to merchants who upgrade to a paid plan. These conversations allow you to have more personalized interactions with your customers and address any concerns they may have about completing their purchase.

TxtCart claims that its platform can help merchants recover up to 33% of abandoned carts and generate a 20% increase in revenue. The platform offers several key features:

abandoned cart recovery shopify
  • Automated SMS messages to recover abandoned carts.
  • Human-powered SMS conversations for personalized customer support.
  • Built-in SMS compliance and real-time analytics.
  • Easy integration with Shopify.


Recovering abandoned carts on your Shopify store is crucial for boosting sales and revenue. While Shopify provides a basic system for cart recovery through email reminders, utilizing additional strategies such as SMS marketing, particularly through platforms like TxtCart, can significantly enhance your success in bringing back those lost sales. Explore the various tools and techniques available to ensure that no abandoned cart is left behind, and watch your e-commerce business thrive.

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